Blown Sand Car

First testing EFI Blown Sand Car Thunder Racing Engines

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The Fastest sand car to ever see Glamis Sand Dunes!
Racer Engineering has produced a 1600+ HP sandrail that stands out from the rest of the pack. This sand car won 1st place at the 2015 Horse Power Wars in Glamis Sand Dunes Ca. on New Years Day 2015. Some of the footage for that race is included within. Watch the 5x off road champion, BJ Baldwin drive this car. Also includes footage of internet icon, Dan Bilzerian. This beast has the best of the best. Own it today as it is currently for sale. Price $170K.

DVDs & APPAREL - The Merchant Auto Duramax Diesel Sand rail was rolling coal at the 2014 Griztek snow challenge. It has a 700hp Duramax and a powerglide transmission. Follow us on Facebook -

How To Color Sand & Buff Your Car's Paint on Hands-On Cars Ep 15 - Eastwood
The Camaro is painted Gloss Black and in this episode Kevin Tetz teaches you how to color sand and buff your paint job to make it look perfect. You may think it looks good with fresh paint, but once you see it buffed, you'll see how great it can look. All on episode 15 of the web series Hands-On Cars. He buffs the front and rear bumpers of his 1978 Z/28 Camaro, which have a lot of bends, curves and shapes - so you'll learn all the tricks you need to know to buff your car and make it look great. He starts by using Eastwood sand paper to remove imperfections in the clear. he then moves on to 3M Trizact Paper to remove any fine scratches caused by the sand paper. And remember not to sand those peaked edges - it's too easy to cut through your clear. Also, don't forget to soak your sand paper in water and soap to make it last. And keep your area wet when you're sanding. KT uses the Eastwood Buffer Polisher that has a slow start and variable speed to buff the large areas. He then moves on to a small 3" Eastwood Buffer. He has multiple buffing pads for each - starting with a coarse wool pad and moving to a soft foam pad. He uses the Norton Liquid Ice System to buff it perfect. Before the episode is over he visits the AACA Museum in Hershey Pennsylvania - Chocolate Town - to see the awesome display of antique Indian motorcycles. Some motorcycles are over 100 years old - including one with "skis" on each side for riding in the snow. Plus a "buckboard" type vehicle that was basically a go-cart and was considered street legal at the time. Tetz has almost transformed his beat up 78 Z into a Pro-Touring Machine! Check out all the past episodes to see how he got to this point. Kevin is definitely an Eastwood Guy. Are You?

Funco "GTQ" Sand Car | Glamis Sand Dunes
Glamis Sand Dunes, CA.Professional Drivers. Closed Course. Do Not Attempt. Audio: Matthew L. Fisher - Epic Dubstep