How to not start on bike

Pitbike how-to

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How to not start on bike 2
Fail on pitbike 125сс. How to not start on your bike. Noobs on bikes.

mini dirt bike 49cc
get your wings : Alexis et Jean en mini dirt bike

Cyclist overtakes motorcycles!
We got stuck behind some slow traffic on our ride... when suddenly, a wild cyclist appears! Some more angles: From the 3rd rider (one ahead of me): From our lead rider, including rear (ass cam) shot: Location is Sunrise Hwy in San Diego County, California. To answer the most common questions: 1. This is on Sunrise Hwy in San Diego County, California. 2. We were traveling at speeds between 35-50 mph. When he overtakes us, we are touching 48-50 mph. 3. None of us were upset by him passing, we thought it was pretty cool actually... dangerous, maybe... but still cool. 4. The 2nd rider from the front wasn't trying to block him out, he just did not see him and he was the only one of us that was not on comms. 5. My camera is a Sony HDR-AS20 and is the video is the raw video from my camera. No post processing. Any image stabilization is built in the Sony cam itself. Details on my camera/mic setup can be seen here: oup_when_we_hit_some_slow/d74e0px Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Motorcycle crash burnout jockey shift chop at 115
After talking up my history of burnouts for weeks to my friend (who never has seen a live bike burnout) this is what happened..She wasn't impressed. More burnout uploads on whiskeybreath7 channel