Kamaz truck vs.BMW R1150GS & Mitsubishi 4WD

Clips from the documentary television serie Long Way Round featuring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman being rescued by a couple of Kamaz 6X6 trucks on the Kolyma Highway on their way to Magadan in north-east Russia.

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Kamaz truck in deep water, Kamaz fail
Russian truck fail, truck(kamaz) in deep water .

Зил, Камаз и Таджики
Сказка про репку. Засадил водила ЗиЛ...Камаз тянул, тянул - не вытянул... пришли таджики, лопатами махнули и вытянули ЗиЛ.

Kamaz Red Bull Trucks 2014 Dakar
These are all video clips from fans along the route of the 2014 Dakar Rally. The huge Red Bull trucks are from the Russian Kamaz team. The truck category is dominated by the Dutch, Russians and other Eastern Europeans. #506 won this year (Karginov, Mokeev, Devyatkin) and Kamaz trucks took 4 of the top 5 spots. Crazy Russians: #500 EDUARD NIKOLAEV, EVGENY YAKOVLEV, VLADIMIR RYBAKOV #503 AYRAT MARDEEV, AYDAR BELYAEV, AYRAT ISRAFILOV #506 ANDREY KARGINOV, ANDREY MOKEEV, IGOR DEVYATKIN #545 ANTON SHIBALOV, ROBERT AMATYCH, ALMAZ KHISAMIEV #549 DMITRY SOTNIKOV, VYATCHESLAV MIZYUKAEV, ANDREY AFERIN

Pakistan Barracuda on test
Reynolds Boughton Barracuda 6 on test at MOD test track Chobham, Surrey and Booker airfield, Bucks in the mid 1990's