Driftmotion.com 2JZ-GTE Swap TH400 1990 Jaguas XJS!

Driftmotion 2JZ-GTE Jaguar XJS test drive. This car has a 2JZ-GTE Aristo engine, with a 3 speed turbo400 transmission! Lowered on 18" TSW wheels. Nitto NT05 tires, 235/40/18 rear, 265/35/18 rear. 18x8" front wheels, 18x9.5" rear wheels. It has a 5" core front mount Intercooler. More horsepower then the old V12, and almost double the mpg! www.driftmotion.com

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Twin Turbo LT1 Jaguar
For Sale on Ebay - this video is for the ebay ad

Juguar XJS 6.0 V12 Pure Sound At The Forrestburn Hill Climb August 2014
Here is a video I put together from the last hill climb of the season and before the engine gave up! It's the mighty Black Pearl, Car 01 from the Rust 2 Rome car rally. There is really no shame to it as it's done many track days, hill climbs and three trips to Rome and back! For those interested it's a later 6.0 V12, standard internals, larger throttle bodies, full equal length tubular Exhaust, full race camshafts, aftermarket ecu and ignition, lightened clutch and pulleys, using a Getrag manual box with a racing clutch, 3.54 diff and a whole load of suspension modifications too! Hope you enjoy the sound in the video :-)

Video Jag Silver Zoom Long Course Aug 21 010.avi
Demo run of Silver actually on short course.

Toyota 2JZ Swap Jaguar Startup ! ジャガーに2JZ載せてみました
遂にエンジン関係完成しました! これで壊れやすかった古いジャガーも快適に壊れにくい 車になりました 苦難の道のりでしたがCPUも純正を使用したのですこぶる 調子が良いです 詳しくはP.C.Fのブログでw