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Corvair 140 HP with a kick, nothing crazy, vroom vroom
Just pulled my 64 / 140 HP out of the garage, it was hibernating, gave it a run before going back to hibernation again until summertime, car has undergone complete restoration and is too nice to drive in the wintertime.Thought you might enjoy the roar , far out ! My daily driver for the winter is a 64 Coupe.So enjoy ! Keep them rolling, peace out !

motor Tatra-815 V12-Biturbo
Zkouška opraveného motoru Těrlicko

motor Tatra 815-V12
Zkouška opraveného motoru......Těrlicko.

Mid Engine Corvette Ancestor (in HD)
Testing a V-8 Corvair with a rare aluminum 283 cu. in. Chevrolet engine cast 1959. As described in "Automobile" magazine article by Don Sherman, December 2010. Original owner from 1966!!!