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tatra 613 motor
tatra 613 motor po piatich rokoch

V12 BMW Made It To Duanes Junkyard Peyton Co 5 4 17

Harley with a Chevy Corvair engine is a Kick
A Harley without an engine and an air cooled corvair engine. Could I make them fit together? I built this one of a kind motorcycle over 15 years ago. It is a kick start only and still runs great.

Corvair 140 HP with a kick, nothing crazy, vroom vroom
Just pulled my 64 / 140 HP out of the garage, it was hibernating, gave it a run before going back to hibernation again until summertime, car has undergone complete restoration and is too nice to drive in the wintertime.Thought you might enjoy the roar , far out ! My daily driver for the winter is a 64 Coupe.So enjoy ! Keep them rolling, peace out !