GTA IV «The Fast and The Furious»

Machinima based on shortened story of the film "Fast and Furious". Original video by Milk_008, dubbing Russian sound processing by road2moon. Sound was completely reworked.

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GTA 2Fast 2Furious Muscle Race
The video is a race of the film 2 fast 2 furious. This video does not infringe copyright. ENJOY AND COMMENT,PLEASE!!!! DOWNLOAD CARS : Pack;81368

Fast & Furious Race Scenes (2Fast2Furious & Tokyo Drift) [HQ]
Heii Guys :) Well that's my fifth video.! It's about two race scenes from the fast and the furious.! I hope you like it.! ;) All rights belongs to his owners.!! And that's not me.! The owners are Metric, Ludacris and of course John Singleton (Director 2Fast2Furious), Justin Lin (Director Tokyo Drift), Neal H. Moritz (Producer), Universal Pictures and all who worked at the "The Fast and the Furious-Product".!

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