Chaser Mansion Memphis TN

Dennis weston tray ryan and sally went to chaser mansion in shelby forrest, Memphis TN

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Hollywood House - The Chase Mansion - Behind Closed Doors
Cameron Harper takes you on a tour Behind Closed Doors at the Chase mansion located in Shelby Forest North of Memphis, Tennessee. According to urban legend the mansion is haunted and zombies roam the grounds. Of course, the reality is very different. It is a beautiful and isolated home where many Hollywood stars have stayed when they visit Memphis.

Voodoo Village on Mary Angela Rd.
This is our trip down Mary Angela rd in a rundown part of Memphis, also known to locals and young thrill seekers as Voodoo VIllage. Voodoo Village is known for its animal sacrifices, chicken bones from houses, and ancient Voodoo practices.....Its scary when someone starts to follow us... p.s.-the quality isnt as good on youtube as a mac. :)

5 Most Haunted Places in Tennessee
Tennessee: it isn’t all Elvis and the Grand Ole Opry (though those things are pretty awesome). There are more than a few creepy places and weird stories in this southern state. Here are 5 of my favorite haunted places in Tennessee. Who doesn't love the creepy and strange? Subscribe to A Grave in Baltimore for ghost stories, dark legends, paranormal tales, and haunted places from around the world. Facebook: Media: “Greenwood Cemetery Nashville TN 2013-12-26 013” by Thomas R Machnitzki, used under CC SA 3.0 3-12-26_013.jpg “Emerald vintage mist overlay (9738586050)” by Pink Sherbet Photography used under CC BY 2.0 86050).jpg

Fantastic Features 60-70's WHBQ MemphisTV Intro
Classic horror show from the 60-70's which aired on WHBQ in Memphis Tn. Hosted by "your monster of ceremonies" the great Sivad (Watson Davis).If you grew up in the mid south in the 60's and early 70's, this will bring back the memories!