Chaser Mansion Memphis TN

Dennis weston tray ryan and sally went to chaser mansion in shelby forrest, Memphis TN

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Colorado vs Ranger
2006 i-280 (colorado) vs 07 Ford ranger Colorado is mine. (dennis)

Ghostly Memphis tour-Fine Living
For visitors with a quest for the unusual, Memphis can really come to life. This video is part of Inside Haunted Hollywood show hosted by Tony Frassrand . SHOW DESCRIPTION :FINE LIVING TV NETWORK's Inside Haunted Hollywood takes you on an insider's tour through a number of infamous locations from iconic Hollywood horror films. From the houses used in The Exorcist, Psycho and The Amityville Horror to the Monroeville Mall seen in The Dawn of the Dead to the hotel from The Shining, this one-hour special takes you behind the scary scenes. Along the way, meet director Wes Craven and experts in horror make-up, wardrobe, special effects, set design, and horror movie music who share the secrets of their trades. Go on location with FINE LIVING's Inside Haunted Hollywood!

Demon caught on tape in the forest
Rate and Comment - Demon caught on tape in the forest

2008-02-05 Tornado - Shelby County, TN
***NOT FOR BROADCAST*** STORM CHASER TONY LAUBACH VIDEO DESCRIPTION On the biggest outbreak of 2008, the Super Tuesday Outbreak, I captured a couple of the weaker tornadoes on the day northeast of Memphis. I caught a midnight flight out of Denver, landing in Atlanta, GA at 5am and drove up to Memphis to chase this outbreak. Upon its conclusion and a near-miss after dark with the Memphis tornado, I flew home and went straight to work the next day.