T51R Supra Open Exhaust

took the catback off but its TOOOOO LOUD

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900hp 3.4L stroker Supra vs. 700hp T51R Supra skating on highway in winter
video was shot off the coast of Australia, on a little known island called New Zeelind (or some shit) i was only there for a birthday party for my down syndrome grandma. one supra is modified as fuk, and the other one is rad.

hks t51r turbo's spool sound
turbo is300

Sunday Morning Drive
Taking my Supra out on a beautiful Sunday morning. Note: This is on open downpipe. Also, the tach does not work because I swapped from 2JZ-GE to 2JZ-GTE

HKS T51R Kai BB 760bhp UK Supra Rolling Road Dyno At Tuning Supra Racing HKS T51 Supra Single Turbo