T51R Supra Open Exhaust

took the catback off but its TOOOOO LOUD

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900hp 3.4L stroker Supra vs. 700hp T51R Supra skating on highway in winter
video was shot off the coast of Australia, on a little known island called New Zeelind (or some shit) i was only there for a birthday party for my down syndrome grandma. one supra is modified as fuk, and the other one is rad.

HKS T51R KAI Supra No Exhaust In-Car
on the way to the Exhaust shop

HKS T51R Supra 630rwhp dynoclip and street sampler
this car is fairly ridiculous now. ok bye

HKS T51R KAI Supra open downpipe sampler with bonus 100% insanity 8500 rpm revlimiter action
testing out with the mufflers removed again....... shes insanely loud. just brutal on the ear drums. there is a corner just out of view so cant really go full throttle in the camera view.