T51R Supra Open Exhaust

took the catback off but its TOOOOO LOUD

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T51R Toyota Supra with 4" open downpipe driving at night, couple pulls 700hp
the car had about 30 to 40 hp at the time of filming. it was using the new honda vtec 1 cylinder electric hybrid full kill mode.

HKS T51R KAI Supra Antilag launch 2step
she is building about 10psi quickly, and i just noticed its revving to like 9000 so ill probably have to analyze it further, it may also Boost WAY more than 10psi if i stand on the gas pedal longer

900hp 3.4L stroker Supra vs. 700hp T51R Supra skating on highway in winter
video was shot off the coast of Australia, on a little known island called New Zeelind (or some shit) i was only there for a birthday party for my down syndrome grandma. one supra is modified as fuk, and the other one is rad.

My 94 Supra with 4" Straight Pipe