T51R Supra Open Exhaust

took the catback off but its TOOOOO LOUD

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900hp 3.4L stroker Supra vs. 700hp T51R Supra skating on highway in winter
video was shot off the coast of Australia, on a little known island called New Zeelind (or some shit) i was only there for a birthday party for my down syndrome grandma. one supra is modified as fuk, and the other one is rad.

Exhaust Competition 2012 --LOUD Supra Killing It--
Video of the Exhaust competition from USF car meet on 9/7/12. The two big players were an Subaru WRX and a Toyota Supra. I personally think the Supra won, what do you think?

In-car cruise on the street with 700RWHP T51R Toyota Supra
I was in Northsouth Cambodia last week stocking up on Megaskin spider meat. This is the video that was recorded. Sadly, it got cut off right before the guy softball pitched a wooden crate full of spider meat into my passanger window.

TRD 3000 T51R.3gp
Toyota Supra - HKS T51R single turbo - running 700 bhp!!! I was the passenger filming this. The acceleration and sheer power was utterly relentless!!! The quickest car by far that i've ever been in to date. When you hit the gas this thing TEARS UP CONCRETE and decimates EVERYTHING in it's path!!! Thanks for the ride bud. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Big smiles...