EAST TEXAS MUSCLE CARS built 2008 corvette 600+ RWHP

2008 ls3 corvette A&A Supercharger kit, comp cam, headers, ETMC tune

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Supercharged 2008 Corvette
A&A Corvette Vortech Si-Trim Supercharger, 220/220 Comp cam, Kooks 1 3/4 headers, Corsa Sport Exhaust, ported intake and throttle body. 580 WHP and 513 WTQ

2008 Corvette LS3 A&A Supercharged
V3 Si Trim Stock A6 Stock Stall RMS 2 BAR Tuned

C6 Supercharger Install
A quick video I made of my A&A Vortech install, the Dyno tune, and some clips of it on the road.

Supercharged Corvette C6 at over 200MPH!
A pull to over 200MPH in my Supercharged C6 Corvette. This was done in a CLOSED ROAD. You can see me downshift to 4rth about 38 seconds into the video. 4rth redlines at 150MPH, then the needle on the speedometer stops moving at 200MPH about a minute into the video. It kept accelerating slowly after that, probably to 203 - 205MPH? Video taken with a Hero cam. The audio sucks.