San Gabriel Mission Tour

San Gabriel Mission Model Tour. 4th grade project

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Mission San Gabriel Arcangel project

Mission San Gabriel Arcangel
Audrey's 4th grade project - model of Mission San Gabriel

4th Grade Project - Mission San Gabriel Model
Justin's 4th Grade Mission project. Justin rocked it! (with some help from Mom and Dad on the tougher stuff..)

Mission San Fernando school project
Several stills of my son's Mission San Fernando school project. Materials: 1 40 x 40 Shapeable foam 3 (mini 2x4s) 1/2 " by 1/4 " by 30 " wood pieces 2 matchsticks for the cross paper mache various colors of acrylic paint 3 cardboard box lids (roof) 20 x 18 poster board Tools: Dremel with shaping, and cutting bits hot glue gun and glue sticks paint brushes various sizes cutting blade metal ruler for straight cuts measuring tape and ruler