Spearfishing Colorado River 090710 Striper 33lbs 15kg

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spearfishing lake mead
spearfishing nothing :(

Spearfishing Halibut 76,4 kg! - Tromsø, Norway 2016
With 3 spears to the brain area, one in the spine, bled out, the big lady suprise us with one last warcry! Catching this fish was a real adventure and ofc it also left us with thoughts of improvements and ideas to make future ending scenarios better for boat ,human and fish.

Spearfishing Colorado River Striper Bass 5 and 10 kg 060610

Spearfishing carp in lake mead, colorado river
Left the california coast for thanksgiving weekend to shoot carp in lake mead with my dad. Had a blast and hope you enjoy the video