Spearfishing Colorado River 090710 Striper 33lbs 15kg

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Spearfishing Halibut 76,4 kg! - Tromsø, Norway 2016
With 3 spears to the brain area, one in the spine, bled out, the big lady suprise us with one last warcry! Catching this fish was a real adventure and ofc it also left us with thoughts of improvements and ideas to make future ending scenarios better for boat ,human and fish.

Spearfishing California -Trophy Halibut
Spearfishing the california reef for Sheepshead, calico bass, halibut, as well as filming sharks and more!! Please like and subscribe as well as follow me on Instagram!!!

Double Trouble - Girl & I Catch 2 Huge Striped Bass River Fishing
Double Trouble - Girl & I Catch Two 16 Pound Striped Bass At Once River Fishing - Both were hung up on submerged trees. Striped Bass Fishing on the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta Georgia

Spearfishing carp in lake mead, colorado river
Left the california coast for thanksgiving weekend to shoot carp in lake mead with my dad. Had a blast and hope you enjoy the video