Escenas de saltos y accidentes de la mítica serie: Los Dukes De Hazzard.Una serie de finales de los '70 a princípios de los '80.

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What You Never Knew About TV's Most Iconic Cars
Surely you'd recognize the cars on this list, but you probably have no idea what it took to get them into character, keep them running or what happened to them after filming, Here are the five most iconic cars on television and a few fun facts that will surely surprise you. Subscribe to TVaddix for new weekly videos about your favorite seasons & episodes of TV shows, sitcoms and series. The Dukes of Hazard 1969 Dodge Charger known as The General Lee was known for its crazy stunts and went airborne more than 150 during the span of the series! Even though sand or concrete was in the car during the jumps to prevent flipping, the cars still rarely survived the jumps and at least 300 different cars starred as the general lee. Mechanics were constantly on the set of the series to salvage and prepare what they could for filming. Some of the General Lees were actually 1968 models fixed to look like 1969. At least 75 chargers were sent to the junk yard. In 2001, two collectors found a General Lee in a Georgia junkyard. The car ended up being the original, from the first episode. The car was restored and sold for $110,000. The was so famous back in the day that at one time it received an average of 35,000 fan letters per month and countless replicas have been created since. The red 1957 Plymouth Fury has become one of the most ominous vehicles since the 1983 production of the horror classic Christine. With a detailed description of the car throughout the novel written by Steven King, he said he chose the Fury to be Christine because it was “an oddball muscle car that had a cool, but evil look. 24 cars were purchased for the production of the film and many alterations had to be made to them. Only 2 cars survived intact and were sold after the production of the film. To get some of the scenes, one of the Furys had to be demolished using hydraulic pumps and another had a rubber front installed for some of the scenes of the Christine’s attacks. The fury used for most of the driving scenes had a button starter installed and the car noises actually used in the film were not of any of the Furys, but actually from a 1970 428 SCJ owned by the actor who played Buddy Repperton. Co-starring David Hasselhoff in the series Knight Rider was K.I.T.T, the 1982 Customized Pontiac Transam, which stood for Knight Industries Two Thousand. The show typically ruined four to nine K.I.T.T. cars each season, but luckily GM sold the trans ams to the producers for $1 each, though even with the hefty discount, each one cost about $18,000 to modify into K.I.T.T. With four original cars still intact to date, one of them was recently purchased for $150,000 and restored by a California resident. While the car is not street legal, many of the features seen on the show still function in the car. For the remake, a 2009 Ford Shelby GT500KR was the car chosen to play K.I.T.T. Though before the production of the first series, initially K.I.T.T. was to be named tat T.A.T.T. for Trans Am Two Thousand because the design was based on the Pontiac Trans Am. The DeLorean DMC-12 was the model used to portray the DoLorean time machine in the series Back to the Future starring Michael J. Fox .The Delorean was chosen because of its sliding doors and spacey look. But the original design of the car was considered too smooth by producers and many modifications had to be made to give it a more modest look. The speedometer also had to be replaced because of a law mandating that American models of the DMC-12 had speedometers only up to 85 miles per hour. The doors of the DoLorean would fail when cold and the crew had to use hairdryers to warm them between takes. Another goof during the production of Back to the Future II was when three of the cables holding up the DoLorean snapped and it almost fell on Michael J. Fox. After the movie, the car model became very popular and sought after, even though the company stopped producing the car 3 years before. John DeLorean even wrote a letter to Bob Gale, thanking him for using the car in the film. After sitting outside of Universal Studios for years, recently the studio fully restored the car and it is now on display. The most expensive cars of their time, the black 1975 Daytona Spider and later the white Testarossa were what gave the series Miami Vice its popularity in the 80s. The testarossa seen in the show was introduced because Enzo Ferrarri was outraged by the producers initially using a corvette to portray the daytona spider. Though due to the extreme high cost of ferraris in 1986 during the shows production, many mock-up vehicles still had to be created using DeTamaso Panteras and testarossa body kits.

Johnny Cash - General Lee
Johnny Cash - General Lee Dukes of Hazzard Soundtrack For everyone who thinks that Dukes of Hazzard wasted a lot of Chargers, think about this for a second. In 1968 and 1969 Chrysler produced about 180.000 Dodge Chargers. That's a hundred-and-eighty-THOUSAND! They used 321 of them on Dukes. That's less than 0.5%. Now with that in mind, think of how populair the Charger has become because of the show. There are still thousands of restored cars left all over the world. Cars that are preserved because the Charger has become so populair. Cars that otherwise would have rotten away in some junkyard in the last 44 years. So I think it's safe to say that Dukes of Hazzard was actually a GOOD thing to happen to Dodge's Charger.

The Dukes of Hazzard - Police chase

All General Lee Jumps (1979-2000)
I had originally intended to upload this following James Best's passing last April. But nonetheless, the video is here. This includes all General Lee jumps from the majority of Dukes episodes, from Season 1 through 7, all in chronological order from my personal Dukes of Hazzard collection, all 7 Seasons and both Reunion movies. And yes, included are the much hated miniature jumps used in Season 7. Also included are the jumps in The Dukes Of Hazzard: Reunion! (Even though it's just recycled footage from the show) and The Dukes Of Hazzard: Hazzard In Hollywood. Enjoy! Cast: Tom Wopat as Luke Duke (1979-1982; 1983-1985; Both Reunion movies; 1997-2000) John Schneider as Bo Duke (1979-1982; 1983-1985; Both Reunion movies; 1997-2000) Byron Cherry as Coy Duke (1982-1983) Christopher Mayer as Vance Duke (1982-1983) Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke (1979-1985; Both Reunion movies; 1997-2000) Denver Pyle as Uncle Jesse Duke (1979-1985; 1 reunion movie; 1997) James Best as Sheriff/Boss Rosco P. Coltrane (1979-1985; Both Reunion movies; 1997-2000) Sonny Shroyer as Deputy/Officer Enos Strate (1979-1980; 1982-1985; Both Reunion movies; 1997-2000) Rick Hurst as Deputy Cletus Hogg (1980-1982; Both Reunion movies; 1997-2000) Sorrell Booke as Jefferson Davis "Boss" Hogg (1979-1985) Waylon Jennings as The Balladeer (1979-1985) Don Williams as The Balladeer (Reunion Movie #1; 1997) Mac Davis as The Balladeer (Reunion Movie #2; 2000) Episodes Used (In Order Of Appearance): 1. Episode 1: One Armed Bandits 2. Episode 5: High Octane 3. Episode 7: Luke's Love Story 4. Episode 11: Money To Burn 5. Episode 12: Route 7-11 6. Episode 13: Double Sting 7. Episode 14: Days Of Shine & Roses 8. Episode 17: The Meeting 9. Episode 19: The Ghost Of General Lee 10. Episode 20: Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough 11. Episode 24: People's Choice 12. Episode 23: Granny Annie 13. Episode 26: Duke Of Duke 14. Episode 32: Jude Emery 15. Episode 36: Southern Comfurts 16. Episode 37: Carnival Of Thrills, Part 1 17. Episode 38: Carnival Of Thrills, Part 2 18. Episode 39: Enos Strate To The Top 19. Episode 40: The Hazzardville Horror 20. Episode 41: And In This Corner, Luke Duke 21. Episode 44: Baa, Baa, White Sheep 22. Episode 49: The Legacy 23. Episode 50: Duke Vs. Duke 24. Episode 51: My Son, Bo Hogg 25. Episode 53: Along Came A Duke 26. Episode 55: The Return Of Hughie Hogg 27. Episode 57: The Great Hazzard Hijack 28. Episode 60: Miss Daisy Hogg 29. Episode 61: Double Dukes 30. Episode 63: Coltrane Vs. Duke 31. Episode 67: The 10 Million Dollar Sheriff, Part 1 32. Episode 68: The 10 Million Dollar Sheriff, Part 2 33. Episode 69: Trouble At Cooter's 34. Episode 70: Goodbye, General Lee 35. Episode 71: Cletus Falls In Love 36. Episode 72: Hughie Hogg Strikes Again 37. Episode 74: The Sound Of Music - Hazzard Style 38. Episode 75: Shine On, Hazzard Moon 39. Episode 76: Pin The Tail On The Dukes 40. Episode 78: Nothing But The Truth 41. Episode 79: Dear Diary 42. Episode 80: New Deputy In Town 43. Episode 86: Dukes In Danger 44. Episode 87: The New Dukes 45. Episode 88: Dukes Strike It Rich 46. Episode 90: Coy Meets Girl 47. Episode 91: The Hazzardgate Tape 48. Episode 92: Big Daddy 49. Episode 93: Vance's Lady 50. Episode 94: Hazzard Hustle 51. Episode 95: Enos In Trouble 52. Episode 96: The Great Insurance Fraud 53. Episode 97: A Little Game Of Pool 54. Episode 98: The Treasure Of Soggy Marsh 55. Episode 100: The Return Of The Mean Green Machine 56. Episode 101: Ding Dong, The Boss Is Dead 57. Episode 102: Coy Vs. Vance 58. Episode 104: Witness: Jesse Duke 59. Episode 106: Big Brothers Duke 60. Episode 107: Farewell, Hazzard 61: Episode 108: Daisy's Shotgun Wedding 62. Episode 109: Lulu's Gone Away 63. Episode 111: Too Many Rosco's 64. Episode 113: The Boar's Nest Bears 65. Episode 114: Boss Behind Bars 66. Episode 116: Targets: Daisy And Lulu 67. Episode 118: Enos' Last Chance 68. Episode 120: Cooter's Girl 69. Episode 121: Heiress: Daisy Duke 70. Episode 123: Play It Again, Luke 71. Episode 126: How To Succeed In Hazzard 72. Episode 128: The Ransom Of Hazzard County 73. Episode 130: Cooter's Confession 74. Episode 131: Happy Birthday, General Lee 75. Episode 132: Welcome, Waylon Jennings 76. Episode 133: Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Duke 77. Episode 134: Robot P. Coltrane 78. Episode 135: No More Mr. Nice Guy 79. Episode 136: The Dukes In Hollywood 80. Episode 137: Cool Hands, Bo And Luke 81. Episode 138: Go West, Young Dukes 82. Episode 139: Cale Yarborough Comes To Hazzard 83. Episode 140: Danger On The Hazzard Express 84. Episode 141: Sittin' Dukes 85. Episode 147: Opening Night At The Boar's Nest 86. Reunion Movie #1: The Dukes Of Hazzard: Reunion! 87. Reunion Movie #2: The Dukes Of Hazzard: Hazzard In Hollywood