Escenas de saltos y accidentes de la mítica serie: Los Dukes De Hazzard.Una serie de finales de los '70 a princípios de los '80.

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Johnny Cash - General Lee
Johnny Cash - General Lee Dukes of Hazzard Soundtrack For everyone who thinks that Dukes of Hazzard wasted a lot of Chargers, think about this for a second. In 1968 and 1969 Chrysler produced about 180.000 Dodge Chargers. That's a hundred-and-eighty-THOUSAND! They used 321 of them on Dukes. That's less than 0.5%. Now with that in mind, think of how populair the Charger has become because of the show. There are still thousands of restored cars left all over the world. Cars that are preserved because the Charger has become so populair. Cars that otherwise would have rotten away in some junkyard in the last 44 years. So I think it's safe to say that Dukes of Hazzard was actually a GOOD thing to happen to Dodge's Charger.

Si te acuerdas del batman,magnun el bigote agresivo,los Locos de starky hot,o los duques del peligro,quizas Deberías de ver este vídeo ,donde se muestra los verdaderos protagonistas de esas series ,los autos tan inolvidables que tanto deseamos de ver en cada capítulo,tambien se incluyen los autos estrellas de Holliwod,deja tu comentario y si falto uno que creas debio estar en esta lista dime cual para preparar la segunda parte , suscribete y comparte,nos vemos en un próximo vídeo por aquí tu canal relatos Insólitos

Every General Lee Jump (TV Series)
There are perhaps one, maybe two at most missing as they had title screens in the frame, and even those were reused, but otherwise, every General Lee Jump is here. No plastic toys, no CGI, just REAL CARS with REAL DRIVERS. I have editied the mid jump ad-breaks seen in the U.S. to have as little impact on the actual jump footage as possible.

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