SCR criuse night 2009

gathering of people for one let the town and the state know that we are major supporters to the cause. NE Foootball isn't the only sport in this town. Lincoln needs a dragstrip.

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TORNADO IN Lancaster co Nebraska, lincoln??
supposed to be a great day for severe storms or a few tornadoes but nothing happened till around 7pm, there was even a tornado warning for eastern lancaster county around 815 or so. im not sure if anything actually formed. i got some good footage of some mean clouds and lightning..

StarCityRacing Presents: Hot Rod Power Tour Racing
Some racing after the Hot Rod Power Tour show wrapped up in Lincoln, Nebraska

Ice Cream Cruise 2010 - 500 car cruise through Omaha
The 6th annual Ice Cream Cruise was a huge success once again, starting at Sonic on Maple, then grouping at harbor freight before the hour long cruise around and through Omaha

Ice Cream Cruise 2008
Ice Cream Cruise 2008 omaha, ne