Blueflame Exhaust blowoff valve lots and lots of sound.. because you wanted it that way!

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Ford Focus RS SOUND!
Ford Focus RS with custom Exhaust start up, acceleretions, and revs! Please like and share this video!

Hard driving Ford Focus RS (sound&acceleration)
My friend buy a new Ford Focus RS, we must to try it and it so fast and wild car ... enjoy nice sound of 2.5turbo engine and good acceleration from stock 305hp. presents first shot of Ford Focus RS.

Ford Focus RS at Nordschleife - Great 5-cylinder turbo sound!
I have recorded some Ford Focus RS's at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, so here is a video of it. I think these cars sound great, they have a nice rumble! Some of them probably have modified Exhausts but i'm not sure of that. Which one sounds the best? What do you think? I hope you enjoy the video and please comment, like and subscribe! The video quality isn't really what i want it to be yet, still messing with the render settings a bit!

TUNED 2010 Ford Focus RS w/ MILTEK Exhaust - Backfire, LOUD sound! - 1080p HD
During Touristfahren 28.4.2013 at the Nürburgring I recorded this amazing looking and sounding Italian 2010 Ford Focus RS! As you can hear this Focushas been fitted with an aftermarket Exhaust which just does sound fantastic! Please let me hear your opinion about this amazing sounding and looking Ford Focus RS! 'LIKE' my page on Facebook: 696117233490 SUBCHANNEL: Thanks! Sjoerd