Totally Awesome Car Rally 2011

How much rally car can you buy for less than $500? Three teams compete for the title. Cars: 1987 Honda Accord 1984 Oldsmobile Omega 1986 Toyota MR2

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Best of finnish rally crashes 2013 by JPeltsi
5th annual rally crash collection. All crashes filmed in Finland 2013. See also best of 2016 Vuotuista kaatokoostetta pukkaa, Jos minkämoista suoritusta menneeltä vuodelta.

"Ole Bessie" My 1986 Honda Accord Lx 3rd Generation
This is just an overview of my car and what it is. next video will be of the audio! :)

[HD] Rally crashes!!! and actions!!! The best of the year 2013

Driving around the accord in backyard
This is a 1994 Honda Accord that i bought for $300. Runs and drives. Guy was going to scra it and he said junk yard would give him $300 so if we matchged it, we could have it. Picked it up for $300 and used it as a rally car in my friends backyard on his dirt bike track. The fun lasted a couple months until we smashed a tree and broke the axel in half. I called a junk yard and got $200 for the car. (scrap metal prices went down). Sold the cat for $70 and the muffler for $30 so I made my $300 back! I will never forget this experience!