Majestic Motorsports Twin Turbo Gallardo Dyno Video

Pump Gas tune 5-6 psi Boost - Dyno Dynamics 658 AWHP.

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Dallas Performance TT stage 3 gallardo dyno pull.
Sandman's Dallas Performance TT stage 3 gallardo Dyno pull.

JMF/Dogbox Twin Turbo Gallardo intro dyno teaser
Check out the beautiful JMFabrications, Dogbox Racing Lamborghini Gallardo Twin turbo setup! This is just a small taste of whats to come this summer.....

Majestic Motorsports TX2k11 - LMP
Majestic ran an 8.55 @ 173 mph.

Lamborghini Gallardo Dyno Test // ZR Auto
We took a stock Lamborghini Gallardo to get baseline Dyno-tested at Unlimited Performance to get some readings for a big project we're working on. This Gallardo willreceive a bolt-on Heffner Twin-turbo system pushing out 800hp! Stay tuned!