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Fatal New Hampshire Shooting Cops Shoot Man With knife - Man Not Black NO Media Coverage
This is dash cam and police body cam footage of a shooting where cops shoot and kill a man with a knife. As a Use of Force Expert I try and explain what the cops did what they did and why I think it is either a good justified shooting or a bad shooting. Here is link to Autopsy Initial Report, the suspect did a stab wound before officers shot him and they hit him 6 time when they fired: .htm This time I am with the cops on most everything and this is an easily justified shooting. Of course if the suspect was Black then it would headlines that poor black man is shot while showing ID to cops since black people in American NEVER commit crimes they just get shot by cops for no reason, according the liberal left Gov controlled media. So for the people with a brain, cops could care less what color you they care about your actions and behavior. No matter what color this guy was , this shooting was justified.

Guy Shot With Taser During Courtroom Outburst
A courtroom defendant who threatened a prosecutor was restrained with a Taser --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----­- Website:

JG M4 Field Strip (Works with other M4s as well)
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Epic HipHop Beat
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