Chevy Aveo 1.6L CAI Short Ram Cone Intake system

Here is an intake I bought off E-bay. It is a "chromeintakes" brand intake. They make them in batches per your car specs. It took about 2 weeks to get, but was well worth it. Between the CAI and my Apexi N1 Muffler I gained horsepower, throttle response, and SERIOUSLY have gained 2-4 MPG compared to PRE intake and Exhaust mods. I saw almost 34mpg on mixed city/highway driving just a couple of weeks ago. Previously I would rarely see 31mpg with similar driving. I just rolled over 50k on it and it's running better than ever.

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chevy aveo timing belt part 2
Doing the timing belt on the Chevy Aveo is not so bad worst part is how Chevy decided to put a cover in front of the water pump to make it difficult. But this video will guide you through the timing belt replacement.

Custom Heat Shield For Short Ram Intake DIY for $3
whats going on guys just thought I would share a little HOW TO video with you guys on how I built my custom heat shield for my 2005 Nissan altima 3.5SE, with some spare stuff i had kicking around the house and some stuff I paid 3 bucks for at home depot. the break down: 1st clip took 2:15 sec to go from 25°C to 55°C on a 15°C day 2nd clip after install took 3:15 to go from 25°C to 55°C on a hotter 19°C day that is adding an extra minute of sitting time in traffic with 4° extra weather wise to reach the same intake temperature. And for those who know about intake temperature is the name of the game This is the video that inspired me to make this one lol. I watched it years and years ago and always wanted to build somthing similar but look better haha How to make a Professional Ram Air Intake Part 1

Обзор Тест-драйв Chevrolet Aveo LT 1.6 16v 105л.с 2008год
Группа: Золото: МОДИФИКАЦИЯ МОЩНОСТЬ, КВТ(Л.С.)/ОБ РАСХОД ТОПЛИВА (СРЕДНИЙ), Л/100 КМ ВЕС (МАССА), КГ 1,4 (94 лс) 69(94)/6200 6.7 1060 1.5 62(86)/5400 6.1 1065 1.6 77(105)/6000 7.6 1065 Двигатель: 1.6 16v Бензиновый 4-цилиндровый рядный с впрыском топлива во впускные патрубки, четыре клапана на цилиндр, два верхних распредвала с ременным приводом, рабочий объем 1 598 см3, диаметр цилиндра/ход поршня 79,0/81,5 мм, степень сжатия 10,8, мощность 79 кВт (107л. с.) при 6 400 об/мин, максимальный крутящий момент 143 Нм при 3 800 об/мин, удельная мощность 49,4 кВт/л (67,0 л.с/л). Трансмиссия.Привод на передние колеса, механическая 5-ступенчатая (автоматическая 4-ступенчатая классического типа) коробка передач. Передаточные числа: I. 3,550 (2,880), II. 1,950 (1,570), III. 1,280 (1,000), IV. 0,970 (0,700), V. 0,760, R. 3,330 (2,300), главная передача 3,940 (3,840). Другие характеристики (с автоматической коробкой*) Колея передних/задних колес 1 450/1 410 мм, для седана: 1 450/1 430 мм, снаряженная масса 1 160 (1 165*) кг, для седана: 1 165 (1 170*) кг; максимальная скорость 175 км/ч; расход топлива по городу/трассе 8,7 (9,4*)/6,9 (6,9*) л/100 км; объем топливного бака 45 л.

1991 Honda Civic Dx AEM Short Ram Intake *Sound Clip*
This Is My 1991 Honda Civic Dx With The D15B2 Motor. I Just Got This Short Ram Intake October 5 2010 From A Friend It Was For 20 Bucks. (Not Bad). It Was Apparently From E-Bay And Was Suppose To Go On A 1991 Honda CRX But The Intake Was Sitting Around For A Year So He Sold It To Me. This Thing Is Awesome. The PVC Pipe Is Made To Act Like A Cold Air Intake. All That We Have To Do Now Is Add Cheesecloth On The End Of The PVC Pipe Inside The Motor To Prevent Sand From Going In The Filter. ( What I Did Now Was Add Plastic Mesh Screening I Find Water Drops At The Bottom Of The Pipe. No Big Deal. But Leaves Got Into The Motor Area Just Where The Side Lip Of The Hood Is No Problem There). Works Fine (CheeseCloth Could Rot Though.) Previous Performance: 92hp 1.5L Current Performance: 96-97hp 1.5L AEM Short Ram Intake Injen Short Ram Intake Ebay Short Ram Intake 1991 Honda Civic DX EF D15B2 Short Ram Intake Short Ram Intake Install 1991 Honda Civic 91 Honda Civic Dx Short Ram Intake *Sound Clip*