2G Talon runs 10.94@126 Stock Motor

10.94@126mph on a stock motor. stock head, with stock headgasket. only internal mods are arp headstuds and drop in cams. GT30R, dsmlink,

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Cory's "Eviltsi" 2G Talon hits the Dyno for the first time ever!
Cory's Talon hits the Dyno, just about ready for the DSM Shoot Out! Stock 7-Bolt Motor with drop-in Kelfords. [ head has never been off the car ] 96,000 miles! 35R E85 STM Built everything Emery@STM Tuned It made 465whp!

Brick Racing 2g talon 10.58 @ 136.9 Evo III 16g
My 1996 Talon TSI awd resetting the 2g 16g record with a 10.58 @ 136.9mph. Car is on pump E-85

Evo gt30 vs Eclipse gt40
Evo gt3065 vs dsm gt4094 dragstrip iceland, evo broke down spun a rod bearing..

Dyno tuning with makers of DSMlink
I won DSMlink in a raffle at the '05 DSMCA GT-8 event. At the following Dyno Day event, Thomas Dorris of ECMtuning (the makers of DSMlink) showed up at Extreme Motorsports and tuned my car for me. In just 5 passes he managed to extract an extra 90hp from my car at red line. 4 less peak hp than last year with only pump gas, but after it peaks, it now holds all the way to 8000 RPMs.