2G Talon runs 10.94@126 Stock Motor

10.94@126mph on a stock motor. stock head, with stock headgasket. only internal mods are arp headstuds and drop in cams. GT30R, dsmlink,

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American Rice vs Jap Imports
This video was ment to be a JOKE! Laughing my ass off at everyone taking it seriously...noticed I left all the WORTHY domestics out? I found it amusing that practically every domestic car person I've talked to or seen post thinks that domestic rice doesn't exist. Well I think this video will just about shut them up. Can't tell you how much fun I had making this video. A lot of laughs at all the domestic rice.

Living In Pain - Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Nas, Mary J. Blige
ugh Living in pain with all the best rappers

owner, credits, questions comments: -- 99EclipseGSX GSX launch at Angeles Crest in Southern California. Shifting at 8000 rpm. 0-105 mph run or so, slightly uphill. Launching at 5500 RPM building around 10 psi. Running 29 psi on 91 octane and meth i... Setup is a fully built 2.3L stroker 4G63 6 bolt engine with a GT3076R ball bearing turbo. Full coilovers and 17x9 Volk CE28N with 255/40 Advan Neovas.

11 Second Eagle Talon TSI AWD Holset HX40 2G DSM
11.6@126 with 1.9 60ft and 126mph trap at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Midnight Mayhem