2G Talon runs 10.94@126 Stock Motor

10.94@126mph on a stock motor. stock head, with stock headgasket. only internal mods are arp headstuds and drop in cams. GT30R, dsmlink,

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American Rice vs Jap Imports
This video was ment to be a JOKE! Laughing my ass off at everyone taking it seriously...noticed I left all the WORTHY domestics out? I found it amusing that practically every domestic car person I've talked to or seen post thinks that domestic rice doesn't exist. Well I think this video will just about shut them up. Can't tell you how much fun I had making this video. A lot of laughs at all the domestic rice.

Living In Pain - Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Nas, Mary J. Blige
ugh Living in pain with all the best rappers

Palm Beach International Raceway C5 Zo6 Corvette, 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Two of my friends who are both brothers at the track. Zo6 has Longtubes and a 75 dry shot on street tires. GSX is running an Forced Performance 3052 (GT3076R), DSM link, BC 272's, etc on 26lbs stock 7 bolt. GSX has ran a best f 11.72 @ 117 on a colder less humid day. Sorry the video came out a little weird with the transitions and music. Windows movie maker is giving me problems. Probably from the spyware that made it onto my pc. Hopefully this will be the last time I use movie maker. I'll be doing my editing with Adobe Premiere Elements from now on as long as my slow ass pc has enough ram to run it.

talon tsi awd vs viper
viper vs tsi awd