VW 043 Head Porting & Polishing

Porting my Steve Tims Stage 1 heads chambers to reach 57CC head volume, in order to achieve 9:1 CR on my new 2074 bus engine

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Difference between stock VW head and mine
We are using Ray Vallero's daughter Lynda's heads off her racebus from 1983. Because of time constraints in getting this motor done, as that will eliminate some machining (still going to remove 20 cc's off the head and reseat the spring sockets).

vw head slight porting
vw heads diy porting for better flow

Edelbrock RPM Olds 455 Head Porting
The scariest thing I ever did was port a set of new Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads. My first attempt at porting any cylinder head. I raised the roof .200" and dropped the floor .040". It's best to leave the floor alone or raise it by filling with epoxy. Porting kit by Mondello.

Porting Honda B18C