The 700 HP VF Engineering BMW M3 - /TUNED

TUNED visits one o our favorite California tuners, VF engineering, who have upgraded the E92 M3's power, suspension, and brakes in order to turn the m3 from a balanced, focused machine into an absolute monster.

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VF Engineering Supercharged Wide Body E92 M3 620HP and Supercharged Porsche 911 Carrera S
The Smoking Tire heads out to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, where VF Engineering has provided us with an entire fleet of supercharged sports cars. Matt Farah takes a 510hp blown Porsche 911 and a 620 hp blown wide-body M3 out on the track to see what 30% more power does to two already great cars.

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Matt Drives the 850 horsepower E63 on an empty toll road. Can he keep some tire on the car or will this be another episode of rolling burnouts?

Why I prefer the BMW E92 M3 over the M4 | REVIEW | HeelandToe.Blog
In this Review I get to drive a rather modified BMW E92 M3. It was the only ever M3 with a naturally aspirated, high revving V8. To me, the last hurrah of naturally aspirated engines from BMW. The owner of this particular one has done quite a few modifications, embracing the angry, but refined character of the car. He even let me properly get the car sideways! As always, enjoy! I would greatly appreciate a subscription as well as a like or a comment – thanks. BMW E92 M3 Owner: Follow me on: and on:

BMW 135i + V8 Equals WOW - /TUNED
Would the BMW 1-series be better with a screaming V8? Matt Farah had to find out. Each week, we will bring you a segment from the past season of /DRIVE+. If you want to see the content when it's fresh, and not 3 months after everyone else, subscribe to /DRIVE+ and help keep content like this going.