1988 Mazda RX-7 Red Convertible 5-speed

This video shows live video of my 1988 Mazda RX-7 starting, in motion, and power options. Comments are welcome. Thanks for watching! Music courtesy of Foo Fighters featuring "Next Year" off the Album "There is Nothing Left to Lose."

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How to lower roof on Mazda rx7 convertible
Lowering the roof on my s5 Mazda Rx7 vert. (Abit hard doing it with only 1 hand, I normally run the car while doing it but just had it turned to on without starting to make it easier to hear me.)

RX7 convertible
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FC3S RX7 Convertible Warehouse drifting wide angle

1988 Mazda RX 7 Convertible
Offered for sale by St. Louis Car Museum & Sales. For this vehicle and others, please visit http://www.stlouiscarmuseum.com or call (800) 957-5707