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Sears Suburban 12hp lawn tractor

Sears Suburban 12hp lawn tractor


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Craftsman Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid Change
I change the gear oil and hydrostatic transmission fluid on my Craftsman Lawn Tractor. Fluid per Peerless. Mobil 424 fluid. The Transaxle from Peerless http://www.peerlessgear.com/node5380.aspx?nid=300889 http://www.peerlessgear.com/ddoc/PELP/PELP2010_USen/PELP2010_USen_LTHHT_.pd f The pump from Peerless. http://www.peerlessgear.com/node5380.aspx?nid=300902 http://www.peerlessgear.com/ddoc/PELP/PELP2010_USen/PELP2010_USen_2100HT_.p df *************************************************************** Disclaimer. I am not a professional. My videos are for entertainment purposes ONLY and not instructional in any way. I express no warranty as to the accuracy reliability or safety of the information provided here. By using any of the information provided in this video you acknowledge that I am not responsible if you hurt/kill yourself and/or others and/or destroy your or other people's property. That being said sit back and laugh at the guy on the screen. ***************************************************************

Some rusty old tractors we got for free
A lot of this is junk, but there is at least one diamond in the rough here. It was a sight unseen must-take-all kind of deal, so we went with Sterling's diesel Dodge truck and a borrowed trailer and pulled these relics out of a poison ivy filled muddy yard and brought them to tractor land. Oh yeah, and Dave got a bed liner for his Chevy for free too.

Tractor Land -March 2014: Tractor counting
We sold and junked a lot of tractors late last summer and into the fall, so we took a look around and did a count; we've got 30 tractors all in all. Long gone are the days of 80 tractors, but this place still looks like a dump, lol.

John Deere: Riding Lawn Tractors Video
The X300 and X500 Series of Riding Lawn Tractors have a newly engineered deck and come with a wide variety of attachment options. They are easy to operate and the iTorque Power system povides better cooling, more lugging ability, and long lasting service. Learn more at http://blog.machinefinder.com/ and follow us on Google+ at https://plus.google.com/113972798746544369264/about

Sears Suburban Garden Tractor: Round Table Discussion. Back Where it all Began

Plowing with sears suburban 12 garden tractor
My brother messing around with one of our sears suburban tractors

2013 Gold Cup Ford Flathead Powered John V8 Deere 200 Lawnmower Tractor Nostalgia Drag Racing
Buy Drag Strip Riot Posters! http://www.maziracing.com/2004poster/index.htm August 17-18, 2013 - Third Annual Gold Cup - Empire Dragway I don't know which is cooler. A '37 Ford Flathead stuffed between the frame rails of an early 70s John Deere 200 lawn tractor, or the fact that a then 16-year-old kid from Lottsville, Pennsylvania, designed, built and owns it. I think I'll just roll with both on the equally cool meter. While roaming the pits of the 2013 Gold Cup at Empire Dragway, my husband, Mark, happened upon Todd and Wanda Johnson's pit area and found this uber-unique pit vehicle. It's not like we were at a county fair; it was a Gasser meet, after all. During the between rounds pit visit, Mark was able to get a quick chat in with Todd Johnson who stated that his son, Tyler, built the entire combination and where they were from. Armed with that info, I was able to track Tyler down to find out the "hows and whys" of this project. Me -- "So what was the inspiration behind the this project?" Tyler --"Well, way back in the day, I used to restore and pull old John Deeres. A customer of ours knew this and told my dad that he had an old lawn mower that quit running and was just sitting in his barnyard. He said I was welcome to it and see if I could get it running again. I was 14, maybe 15, when we got it. We brought it home, and I ripped the motor apart only to discover it just wasn't repairable." Me-(chuckling to myself over the "back in the day" response) "And you're how old now?" Tyler --"I'm 23 now." Me- "Okay. So the John Deere engine is a no-go, how did the Flathead come about as a replacement?" Tyler --"About a year before getting the lawnmower, we went to an auction and bought a few Flatheads. One of them was a complete car that we paid 10 bucks for. We were told the car ran when it was parked over four decades earlier, but in reality it was beyond junk. We were surprised it even made it home on the trailer. The closer we got to home, the more the rusted out body kept leaning to one side. We ended up salvaging the engine, rear end and transmission, and scrapped everything else. Those parts sat untouched until one day I drug it into the garage to see if I could get it running. It was just a motor and tranny sitting on the floor with a battery hooked up and some tape holding the spark plug wires together. I sprayed some gas down the carb and hit the starter with some power and it lit right off. That was enough for us to decide that was the motor we wanted to run." "With that in mind, I visited a friend of mine who was already building a Cub Cadet with a V6 and I got the tape measure out to see if it would fit in the John Deere. I measured the John Deere and decided then that we could make his plan work. This was December of 2006. For Christmas, my parents bought me some C Channel for a frame and I started there. However, my mom put a $200 budget cap on the project. I used a rear axle from a mid-80s S-10. I wanted the wheelbase to be as close to original as I could get it, so there's no drive shaft it's just a u-joint instead. I made the rear fenders 4" wider, and it still has the lawnmower front axle (which I want to change soon)." Me --"This is great stuff, Tyler. How long did it take you to build, and what are your future plans?" Tyler -- "I finished building it in 2007 when I was 16, and it didn't quite take a year to build. Progress slowed down when it got to the point of me starting to drive. Right now, I can't run it too long before it overheats, and I want to rebuild it so it has a radiator. But I started working on my Karmann Ghia, and so the lawnmower plans are now on hold." John Deere Ford Flathead V8 Rat Rod

Montgomery Ward 14 HP Tractor With Loader
View some of the features and capabilities of this 1970 model Montgomery Ward garden tractor with factor loader.

lawn tractor mudding
i made the tractor so it goes 25mph and swiched hoods with another tractor.

Sears Tractor 1969
Sears Tractor Riding off into the sunset,

1968 Sears Suburban Grading with the back blade
1968 Sears Suburban 12 using the back blade. Song by 500... Sorry warner brothers, no one can touch 500.

1970 Sears Suburban lawn tractor, 12HP Tecumseh
We bought this 1970 Sears Suburban tractor a few weeks ago, but never got around to doing anything with it. The guy we bought it from didn't have it that long and had no idea if it ran or not. After this video I got it running better. I found the gas tank had water in it too, and I also fixed the electrical. I swear, these old tractors are so much better built and nicer to drive then any one sold now.

Fully Restored Sears Custom XL Tractor
1971 Sears Custom XL

The Dirty 14. A collection of Sears Suburban Tractors 1967 through 1973 and 1976
The Sears Suburban Backyard Tractor Club presents: The first annual Sears Suburban Garden tractor swap meet. Inspired by LynolsOffice videos, 3 guys and a pole barn have found a relatively cheap hobby and have assembled a collection of 16 Sears Suburban, Sears Super (SS), Sears ST, Sears Twin, Sears Custom XL and a Sears Custom. 14 were put on a trailer and hauled out to the first annual Sears Suburban Garden Tractor swap meet. Only a handful of people stopped by the display and a couple of people exchanged emails with us but it was hoot. It took 3 trips to get them all at the show and we ran out of time to bring the 73 Custom XL and 66 Custom 6. All of these tractors run but a few have yet to be dialed in. We also do not have enough batteries to run them all at the same time. Watch for more videos to come as we put these diamonds in the ruff to work with rotto-tilling, plowing, snow blowing, excavating, harrowing, disking, mowing, hauling and everything else we use these tractors to do around the house.

Sears Suburban 12 Garden Tractor one last snowplow before spring
The 1970. The old girl can really plow.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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