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Sears Suburban 12hp lawn tractor

Sears Suburban 12hp lawn tractor


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1968 Sears Suburban Grading with the back blade
1968 Sears Suburban 12 using the back blade. Song by 500... Sorry warner brothers, no one can touch 500.

Sears Suburban Garden Tractor: Round Table Discussion. Back Where it all Began

Sears Tractor Time Line
Thanks For Watching! i found the sight and I made a slide show out of it! lol NOTE I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE PICTURES!!!! hope you enjoy

Old start Cold start the 1985 SEARS CRAFTSMAN lawn tractor
I should put a belt on this so I can use it some more. Filmed on 8/15/11.

Sears Suburban Moldboard Plowing with the Sears SS 12 Suburban Tractor
While filming the Sears Suburban Backyard Tractor Clubs tractors for an upcoming MAJOR video of ALL the members tractors, we visit the Manic Mechanic (MM) at the Mopar Ranch. He hooks up his Sears Moldboard Plow to his 1969 Sears SS12, takes it for a burn and plows 2009 Miss Suburbans vegetable garden. The ground was probably a little to damp to be doing this but the SS tears it up anyway. He's out of control.

Beast Sears Diesel on its first run with Maine Mud Mower
Maine Mud Mower and the Beast Sear Diesel on its first run. With 3 days of rain before the run there was an awesome amount of mud to sling. Come check out my What's an ATV? Shirt http://mainemudmower.spreadshirt.com/what-s-an-atv-A12844299/customize/colo r/2

1970 Sears Suburban lawn tractor, 12HP Tecumseh
We bought this 1970 Sears Suburban tractor a few weeks ago, but never got around to doing anything with it. The guy we bought it from didn't have it that long and had no idea if it ran or not. After this video I got it running better. I found the gas tank had water in it too, and I also fixed the electrical. I swear, these old tractors are so much better built and nicer to drive then any one sold now.

Sears Suburban SS12 plowing
1968 with full hydraulics plowing the fall garden. I probably could use one more wheel weight on the outside...or get a little fatter : ) Let me know if you want any videos explaining anything.

my 1968 sears suberban 12hp lawn tractor
1968 sears suberban 12hp lawn tractor

Sears Suburban 10 Garden Tractor
Sears Suburban garden tractor

Sears Suburban 12 Garden Tractor one last snowplow before spring
The 1970. The old girl can really plow.

Sears Suburban (1968) Restoration
This is my 1968 Sears Suburban restoration project. It has a 12hp Tecumseh HH120. These old tractors are real workhorses. They simply don't make them like this anymore. A wide range of implements are available for them, such as: plow, disc harrow, tillers, sickle bar mowers, front and rear blades, and much more.

Some rusty old tractors we got for free
A lot of this is junk, but there is at least one diamond in the rough here. It was a sight unseen must-take-all kind of deal, so we went with Sterling's diesel Dodge truck and a borrowed trailer and pulled these relics out of a poison ivy filled muddy yard and brought them to tractor land. Oh yeah, and Dave got a bed liner for his Chevy for free too.

Sears 12 Suburban
this is a 1966 sears 12 Suburban witha 3 pt hitch, snowblower attach ment that i got for free, 12hp tecumseh (Old castiron block) any questions or comments?

Fully Restored Sears Custom XL Tractor
1971 Sears Custom XL

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