Chris Forsberg Nissan 370Z and 240SX at Summit Point

A funny comparison of my NOS Energy Drink Hankook USA Nissan 370Z and 240SX out on the main track at Summit Point this past weekend! Needed more wheelspeed, was hitting the rev limiter in top gear!

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[HOONIGAN] Chris Forsberg loses his door and is unfazed. #aintcare After the chase driver comes into the third clip too hot, Chris Forsberg gets his passenger door ripped off due to contact being made but he is unfazed. Chris ain't care, staying flat throughout the rest of the run, winning the battle, and taking 3rd place overall.

Chris Forsberg in Twin Turbo Nissan 370Z - East Coast Bash 2016
Ripping around Club Loose​ in my​ twin turbo Nissan​ 370Z!

Chris Forsberg Nissan 370Z Crazy Tandem Lap at Pro Bro Down
This is a lap of me driving my competition spec Nissan 370Z behind my friend and crew member Dylan Hughes at Club Loose Pro Bro Down at Raceway Park.

Chris Forsberg Insane 110mph Drifting
Watch Chris Forsberg rip around Englishtown's Raceway Park at Club Loose Freedom Moves 2015 during the hot laps session!