Duramax diesel 5k rpms, PPE HOT + 2 425hp program

This is my old 01 chevy duramax, it has 257k miles on it and is completely stock except for gauges and the PPE. I No longer own truck.

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2006 chevy duramax LBZ ppe +225 60 to 100
Burning clean

Turning 5,000+rpms in White Lightning at full power!
Here is a nice little teaser clip of White Lightning doing some serious work at full load to 5k+ rpms!

Homemade simple band sawmill
This is my mill I put together for total cost of $960 cutting 8" wide of white pine stickers stacked together. It is portable with removable axle. 7hp harbor freight motor. I know I need guards..

Cobra vs Duramax race 2
Duramax had water meth on this round