Camaro - 5th Generation Chevy Copo Camaro at SEMA 2011 from Eastwood In this video, a new 5th generation Chevy COPO Camaro leaving SEMA 2011. Brought to you by Eastwood.

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Chopped Top Bare Metal Dodge Coronet at SEMA from Eastwood Check out this Dodge Coronet we found at the SEMA show in Las Vegas - Hemi motor, radical chop, air brakes from a semi, VW headlights and tailights, and much more - very cool - check it out. This video is from the SEMA show in Las Vegas, 2011 - the world's largest show. It's amazing and it's 4 days long and you can't see it all in four days - and Eastwood was there.

Incredible LS Powered 1970 Porsche from John Wargo's Custom Shop at SEMA 2015
An amazing '70 Porsche that features a Stacked & Injected 600 HP Chevy LS3 for power, great paint, graphics, interior and more. It spent most of it's life as a race car, and the guys at The Custom Shop turned it into a street legal race car in 4 months! Rather than chrome, the parts - like trim and side mirrors - are nickel plated for a perfect accent to the deep red paint. Visit Eastwood: The Porsche was originally a 1970 911T Wide Body that became a race car and was then transformed into a 918RSR/LS3. The billet aluminum parts are everywhere - and John gives you a great tip on how he fabricates the shapes and saves money. Eastwood Rust Encapsulator was used to counteract the corrosion from the midwest winters. The LS3 was cammed and ported and features a Stacked Injection Holley EFI System to put out around 600 horsepower. It has a 996 six-speed transmission. It has Forgeline three-piece Heritage Wheels with Continental tires. If you're restoring a car, truck or motorcycle, you need to visit for everything you need to do the job right - welders, paint guns, paint, plasma cutters, powder coating supplies, blasters, metal fab tools, hand tools and more. Eastwood - Since 1978.

CAMAROS - New 5th Generation Camaros, Trans Ams & GTO Concept Cars at SEMA from Eastwood Check out some of the coolest 5th Generation Camaros at SEMA 2011. Camaro won the "Hottest Car at SEMA" award, and Eastwood is bringing them to you - including Motion, GTO and Trans Am conversions as well as the debut of the COPO Camaro at the Chevy booth. Which is your favorite? Check out the video.

How To Use a Motorized Bead Roller to Make a Floor Pan - Eastwood
In this video, Cody shows you how to add looks, style and strength to sheet metal with the Eastwood Motorized Bead Roller. It's easy to use to fabricate your own panels. See It at Eastwood: utube&utm_medium=annotation&utm_content=bead%20roller&utm_campaign=2016-03- 08 The Eastwood Bead Roller is a must-have tool for custom sheet metal work, with electric power and foot pedal control. Create professional quality beads in steel and aluminum sheet metal Powerful 1/6hp 120v reversible electric motor make solo work easy Infinitely variable foot pedal motor control leaves hands free 24 in throat leaves plenty of room to work around even large panels Rated for up to 18 gauge steel and 16 gauge aluminum Includes 1/2" Die Set Forms precise beads, joggles and bends This Eastwood bead roller has a 1/6hp 120v electric motor which makes it much easier to work large or long pieces without the help of friends. With a typical manual roller you need to crank the handle and manipulate the work piece at the same time, but not with our power roller. The reversible, infinitely variable, foot pedal control lets you control the speed and direction of the rollers, even while both hands are on the work. The 24 inch throat means you can roll a bead right down the center of a 4 foot wide panel if you want to. This professional strength bead roller will form beads, joggles and bends in steel sheet up to 18 gauge, and aluminum up to 16 gauge. This unit comes complete with dies to make a variety of shape beads and bends as well, for unlimited uses, right out of the box. The shaft size for option die sets is 3/4" diameter.