Turbo Sierra at STS 2011

turbo Sierra vs turbo Lightning at Southern Truck Shootout 11/19/11

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Crazy Turbo Geo - Part 2
After much research , we discovered the wiring on these garbage boxes are junk and they corrode from the inside out. Alex did resistance tests on the harness and found massive resistance and voltage drop through out the system.

Kenne Bell Silverado at STS 2011
Round 2 qualifying at Southern Truck Shootout 11/19/11. 11.54@119 1.74 60'

How a turbo works
An educational video about turbochargers. For more help and information about turbochargers go to www.arturbo.co.uk

Cammed turbo hemi truck
2006 ram hemi QC, STS turbo, intercooled, water meth, pace setter LT's, 4:56 gears, power ported cam, P&P heads, SCt tuned by hemifever!