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Making Love for the First Time [David & Erica] August 10, 1999 All My Children
David brings Erica to the same secluded inn where he once tracked down Liza and Adam. Oddly enough, there are no chairs in the hotel room, so they end up having their tea while seated on the bed. The sexual tension in the room is at an all-time high. When David attempts to take their relationship to the next level, Erica insists that she's never made love to a man without being in love with him first. They discuss their feelings for each other, and it's clear that neither wants to wait any longer. They finally give in to their passion and make love.

S&C pt.57: S&C make love for the first time I
A dinner out is interrupted by Bobbie, who is pissed about Roy being in jail. Carly steps up and defends Sonny. 'It's nice, you know. It's nice you did that.' They never make it out of the PH. ('You look so fine' montage) 2000.

Dylan O'Brien's Love Scene The First Time HD 2016
Dylan O'Brien and Britt Robertson in The First Time. The song playing is Wait For Me by Motopony. COMMENTS HAVE BEEN DISABLED BECAUSE PEOPLE THINK IT'S ALRIGHT TO MAKE RUDE COMMENTS ABOUT THE ACTRESS BECAUSE THEY'RE JEALOUS. It is not alright, it's rude.

rex and mimi make love in the shower