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Supergirl 2x13 Ending Scene "Kara & Mon-El Kiss" - Part #14
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S&C pt.57: S&C make love for the first time I
A dinner out is interrupted by Bobbie, who is pissed about Roy being in jail. Carly steps up and defends Sonny. 'It's nice, you know. It's nice you did that.' They never make it out of the PH. ('You look so fine' montage) 2000.

JaSam (2016-04-06) - NuJaSam Make Love For The First Time (2/2)
**Full JaSam: -for-the-first-time_tv** Realizing that Nikolas tried to have Hayden killed to get ELQ and keep her from Jason is too much to bear for Sam. When Jason leaves the room, Sam makes a quick exit and heads straight for Wyndemere. Sam confronts Nikolas about what he's done and threatens to call the police and make sure he's sent away for attempted murder. Nikolas tries to stop her and they struggle until Jason shows up. Seeing Nikolas hurting Sam, Jason loses it and almost kills Nikolas. Sam gets through to him to stop and he manages to let go of Nikolas and she gets him out of there. Jason & Sam get back to his place and he notices her bruises, but Sam is more upset of what could have happened to Jason if he had killed Nikolas. She is terrified that she & Danny could lose him all over again. They kiss and make love for the first time since his return from the dead. CREDIT: Itslorigh

Nick and Gabi Make Love For The First Time 2012