Subaru Forester XT 444whp/398wtq with built block dom 4xtr

2004 subaru forester xt sti swap. has raw performance built block and heads, dom 4xtr with tial 44mm ewg, wbr front mount headers etc.. failed boot solenoid so only got 21 psi out of it but still pulled a 444whp/398wtq on 91 octane. e85 coming soon.

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2004 Forester XT STI conversion
A walk-around of my 2004 Forester XT that has been converted to STI. It is about 99% complete, the only thing that really is left to do, is to install an STI gauge cluster.

Junior Hta35r Subaru Forester on e85 11.69
Juniors Hta35r Subaru Forester - Sti swapped with jdm 6 speed and brembos

Subaru Forester XT vs VW Golf GTI
Drag Racing at Luskville. Pass 01, first time out at a drag strip.

STI Swapped Forester winter hooning
Just a bit of sliding and hooning with my STI swapped forester before I started rebuilding the engine