Lexus LS400 Tribute

just a few lexus's that i liked so i put a small vid together.

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LS400 Tribute !
Dope LS400's ! Song: Timeflies Tuesday- Sleep Forever Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANY PHOTOS OR MUSIC WITHIN THIS VIDEO. All registered trademarks belong to their respective owners.

LS400 Video
Some guy and his Lexus LS400 going up his driveway, onto some wood, then eventually just backing it down because he didn't have the right tools for an oil change.

Corey's LS400
Owner: @ ayeocoreyo "I do not in any way own or claim to own the copyrighted music used in this video. This video is made for non-profit use and will stay that way."

Lexus LS 430 - Speed Channel test/evulation
Promotional materials from Lexus about a 2004 - LS 430 model Leased this in 2004