Mazda 323 GTX Rally Cross

Driver Michael LeCompte/Co-Driver Heather Campana 3-22 Rancho Cordova Prairie City RallyX Practice Session ET: 28.4 No Cones!! GTX BPT @ 10psi

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Matt Adams, Mazda 323. Rally Whangarei 2016.
Matt Adams competing in his second Rally Whangarei.

evo vs gtr tug of war
evo , gtr mazda mitsubishi 7rs Boosting wastegate skidding heli drift clutch kick 500hp closed road fun burnouts helis skids noone encourages dangerous or unsafe public driving..all filmed under controlled circumstances and enviroments

The Jump - Mazda 323 GTX Rally Car Flies Through the Air!
Driver Mitch McCullough and co-driver Scott Webb survive a harrowing jump from the cockpit of their Mazda 323 GTX rally car at the 1993 Fenceline III SCCA Pro Rallysprint. Both occupants suffered painful injuries and were transported via ambulance to a local ER. Due to the magnitude of the impact, Webb's chin struck his chest with enough force to knock the wind out of his lungs and shatter the tops of his molars, in addition to tearing ligaments and muscles in his neck and upper back. The car lived to fight another day, however, actually winning the California Rally Series 4WD title and rookie-of-the-year honors for both driver and co-driver that same year.

MotorWeek | Retro Review: '89 Mazda 323 GTX
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