Lexus IS-F on the Track

This was a quick spin in the new Lexus IS-F at the Lexus Driving School at Atlanta Motor Speedway infield course. These cars are awesome. Even after 4 hours of pedal (and brakes) to the metal, they continued to perform superbly! Now if I could only afford one. I asked what they were going to do with these 20 or so cars - as this was the last Driving School - and they said they would be crushed, brakes, motor, leather interior and all! I walked away with a tear in my eye....

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Lexus ISF Twin Turbo In Car Drive Loud Revs SICK!!
Crazy ISF Twin turbo u be the judge

Car test LEXUS IS-F
This is the most powerful car that Lexus have ever created' the IS-F. The F stands for Fuji Speedway. It's Lexus's equivalent of Mercedes' AMG or BMW's Motorsport. This IS is completely transformed.

Lexus IS-F on track at Lime Rock Park
Me driving a Lexus IS-F around Lime Rock Park. This was part of a Skip Barber performance driving school NOT an actual race. We were playing what is essentially follow the leader. Recorded using a beta of the Race-Keeper system, for participating we got free video and data of us around the track. These are my last 5 laps on the track. Turn it up, listen close and you can hear the tires squeal :D Watch the last lap and you can see me kick my rear end out around turn 3 at 5:17 (1.2 lateral G's).

Tiff Needell testing Lexus IS-F
He demonstrates some cool driving skills.