237 MPH! World's Fastest EVO!

Checkmate! 4-10-10 at Maxton, NC, Mike Reichen reclaims his tittle with his Mitsubishi EVO 2 as not only World's Fastest EVO, but World's Fastest Mitsubishi, and World's Fastest Standing Mile 4 cylinder. 2.0L stock crank, 74mm Borg Warner turbo, Street Class with full metal body panels, all stock glass windows, headliner, carpeting, door panels, and dash. Over 2750 lbs race weight.

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worlds first 7 second evo
worlds quickest evo over the quarter mile

Crazy EVO +2000 HP , 12,000 RPM
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How NOT to launch an EVO
I guess the main problem here, was that this driver was not the owner, and because of how respectful he is, he ent want to launch the car hard, like the owner might...."Drive it like you stole it man!" http://www.facebook.com/picturesofgrenada check out www.picturesofgrenada.com for more import car photos

Unloading AMS Evo