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TVR Tuscan

a little bit of revving, a little ride and nice sounds! Thanks to the owner :D If you want to see a video about that Audi S5, you must check out the video response


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TVR Tuscan Sound!! - 1080p HD
FB: http://www.facebook.com/Jorrie2YT & http://www.facebook.com/jorrik.aben A TVR Tuscan MkI with the catalysators removed and Carbon Can Company Exhaust tips engine start up, revving and accelerating! This car sounds soooo good when leaving the throtle! The owner first had an Opel Speedster wich you may know of one of my other video's :) I hope you like the sound and video, and please leave a comment! Thanks for watching! Jorrik. PS Yesterday I got a ride in an 950hp Audi RS6! If you don't want to miss that video, stay tuned and subscribe!

Audi S5 revving and a little ride
Thanks to the owner! If you want to see a video about the TVR Tuscan, you must check the video respons :) Thanks for watching!

Very loud TVR Tuscan ''Swordfish''! - 1080p HD
FB: http://www.facebook.com/Jorrie2YT & http://www.facebook.com/jorrik.aben Do you remember the movie ''Swordfish'', witht the TVR Tuscan? The Tuscan I recorded is one of the Tuscans they used for the movie ''Swordfish''. This TVR doesn't has the stock Exhaust, I don't know what type of Exhaust it is, but it sounds very loud! I hope you like the sound, and please leave a comment! :) Jorrik

TVR Chimaera sound!
Jorrik record's a nice red TVR wich makes a nice and powerfull sound. It revs a bit and than drives of. In the vid you can also see a very rare Ultima Can-Am and a Monaro V8, I will also upload a vid about these :) Make sure you watch on HQ and don't forget to rate and comment! Thanks for watching :) Jorrik

TVR Tuscan Speed6 - Sound

TVR Tuscan
Made By Mick!!! @ Blackpool aan den Rijn

tvr tuscan s
supercar sunday 2008

TVR Tuscan vs Audi RS6
Me in my Tuscan racing an Audi RS6 at Fighting Torque 2. Bloody quick for a big old Estate I reckon!

TVR Acceleration - MOST Amazing Sound
A TVR giving it a hiding on some country roads. Not sure where I got it from so sorry for no credits. See my somewhat quieter car making a splash, http://youtu.be/vgOXc1h95Co

TVR Tuscan - Ultimate Power Cars (Discovery Channel)
TVR Tuscan on the Discovery Channel's "top 5 ultimate power cars" Features footage of a few workers from TVR's now defunct factory on Bristol Avenue. Keep TVR British!

TVR Tuscan
Ein Porträt von Heidi `s liebsten Spielzeug! - Ein TVR! Im Zuge der Filmaufnahmen zu den Mercedes-Benz Classic Days 2008 in England, haben wir die TVR Werkstatt Racing Green besucht und Heidi hat sich sofort in die TVR`s verliebt! Noch im Herbst 2008 hat Heidi ihren SpeedSix aus England geholt.

TVR Tuscan S
This is my TVR Tuscan S with new 19" TVR Power wheels in black. TVR Tuscan S TVR Power 19" Alloy wheels Upgraded Nitron Racing Suspension

TVR Tuscan
cockpit view from a racing TVR at Castle Combe

TVR Tuscan S [Zgierz]
24.02.2008 - TVR Tuscan S spotkany w Zgierzu [PL].

TVR Tuscan vs TVR Tuscan
Racing against another Tuscan at Fighting Torque 2. Standing start over 7/8ths of a mile.

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