TVR Tuscan

a little bit of revving, a little ride and nice sounds! Thanks to the owner :D If you want to see a video about that Audi S5, you must check out the video response

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TVR Tuscan
Made By Mick!!! @ Blackpool aan den Rijn

Tuscan Dyno run
This a short clip of my Tuscan on a Dyno run hitting 182mph. Very loud as the car is de-catted with CCC cans

TVR Tuscan S : Driven
Although it wasn't the best motoring program Driven did have its moments. Here is the track test of the TVR Tuscan S, it faces competition from the Ferrari 360 F1 and Porsche 911 turbo (996) to determine which 'supercar' has the best overall package that includes driveability (track test), practicality, desirability and cost of ownership. The TVR narrowly ends up the winner just ahead of the Porsche with the Ferrari in third.

TVR Tuscan Speed6 - Sound