Alan Szabo Jr. Align Trex 450 Sport Flybarless 4/1/2011 Trex 450 Sport Flybarless with the new ALIGN 3GX System! Equipment: Align 3GX Flybarless system NEW!!!! Align 410M for the Cyclic Align 420 for the Tail Align RCM-BL450M Motor with 14T pinion Align RCE-BL35X Speed Controller

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Alan Szabo Jr. ALIGN Trex 800E DFC 850MX Dominator 2/5/2014 Out doing a flight with my 800E DFC at the field. Using the new Thunder Power 70C 6000mah packs.

Fataler Crash mit dem T-Rex 450 Pro von Align

Align trex 450 pro complete build video (freddy can fly)
a time lapsed step by step build video of the align trex 450 pro v2, complete with all steps, info, special notes, programming setups, and more. When making this video i tried as hard as i could to cover all subjects needed to ensure that you to can do the complete build. also note: you will need to view the 3gx setup videos series as well as the gyro setup videos as well.

Alan Szabo Jr. and Tareq Alsaadi Sunday at the ALIGN Fun Fly 2017
Thank you CJ for the video of Tareq and I having some fun flying together at the ALIGN Fun Fly 2017