2013 5.0 vs 2013 Boss 302

Keep Volume Low!!! Camera Car: 5.0 2013 5.0: - JLT intake w/ Bama Custom Tune - Shelby GT500 Exhaust 2013 Boss 302: - Stock 50 roll. 2nd gear through 5th gear.

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'13 BOSS 302 vs '13 Mustang GT
'13 BOSS 302 vs '13 Gt '13 BOSS 302 Mods- Long Tubes, ORX, Magnaflows, CAI, Tune. '13 GT Mods-DRIVER MOD, Axel Backs. *All filming was done in Mexico.

5.0 vs boss 302
Video from Tim

2013 Mustang BOSS 302 TracKey Lopey Idle
Demonstration of Lopey Idle after having my TracKey activated.

Mustang 5.0 vs BOSS 302 (Dig)
The Coyote vs the Road Runner 2011 Mustang GT: Boss intake, Steeda CAI, Magnaflow O/R X-Pipe, Borla-S type mufflers, Bama V2 Tuned, Manual 3.31 w/ McLeod RST clutch, Tires are Sumitomo HTZ3 245/45/r19. 2013 BOSS 302 Mustang: Stock with the exception of the Track Key and upgraded Hankook v12 tires. *DISCLAIMER - ALL FOOTAGE WAS COMPUTER GENERATED, ON A CLOSED COURSE, IN MEXICO.*