G8 GT races SRT8

G8 GT with magnacharger runs against SRT8 at Richmond and runs 12.74 ET 1/4 mile @115 MPH leaving in 2nd gear (no traction in first with stock tires)

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G8 GT vs. Supercharged Mustang - Flint Street Races 8/15/13
Rematch, G8 on Drag Radials and a full bottle of Nitrous Used a Green light so there is no confusion with the 3horn honk method. 125shot on the G8

Pontiac G8 GT VMS Cam, full Kooks exhaust
This is my 2008 Pontiac G8 GT Car has Vector Motorsports 1.5 cam, Full Kooks Exhaust w/"1 3/4 headers, midpipe, and axlebacks, Volant intake and Pat G tune.

Pontiac G8 GT drag racing in car
My Pontiac G8 GT at Cordova Dragway. Runs were made during National G8 meet September 2011. Mods are Volant intake, Vector Motorsports stage 1.5 cam and tune, Kooks headers w/catted midpipe system to stock axleback mufflers. Last run was personal best 12.95 at 109.8 mph on the last run. This was with street tires 285-35-19 Nitto Invo, so not great traction, best 60ft is over 2 seconds. Drag tires should help with that, hopefully. www.G8GONE.com

G8 GT 1/4 Mile 13.11 @ 108
G8 GT at NYIRP 1/4 mile First run of the day. Mods include: Vararam Intake Solo Exhaust and HF cats Tune I was able to later in the day have a run of 12.936 @ 109.3