G8 GT races SRT8

G8 GT with magnacharger runs against SRT8 at Richmond and runs 12.74 ET 1/4 mile @115 MPH leaving in 2nd gear (no traction in first with stock tires)

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G8 GT 1/4 Mile 13.11 @ 108
G8 GT at NYIRP 1/4 mile First run of the day. Mods include: Vararam Intake Solo Exhaust and HF cats Tune I was able to later in the day have a run of 12.936 @ 109.3

G8 GT run
Norcal Goat G8 GT magnacharged. Filmed somewhere in Mexico....

Badass video compilation of the G8 GT 6.0 and G8 GXP 6.2

MaxPower Twin Turbo G8 vs Stock 2012 Nissan GTR R35
2009 G8GT vs Stock 2012 Nissan GTR G8: Garage Built Twin turbo setup: (2) To4E Garret 60-1's, Stage III Turbines. .87A/R ~9psi Injector Dynamics ID850 Injectors (95# equivalent) Dual in-tank Aeromotive 340's - Squash Performance Complete Return-style E85 Tuned