BMW 535D Xdrive vs VW Beetle TDi, HD -

BMW 535D Xdrive vs VW Beetle TDi, HD - - Mimonske valky 15 8/2009

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Top G Tests the 'new' BMW bi-turbo diesel 535d

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BMW 535d F10 Test Drive with HARTGE Engine Upgrade 80 - 200 km/h
We ship worldwide - visit us at Direktverkauf oder über den Fachhandel HARTGE piggyback upgrade test drive on the unrestricted Autobahn, taking performance figures from 80 - 200 km/h (50 - 124 mph) before and after.

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BMW 535d xDrive Touring (F11) 07/2014 Capacity: 3.0 Liter turbocharged 6-Cylinder Inline Diesel Engine Power: 230 kW (313 HP) 8-Speed Automatic Transmission 18-Inch Tires