SUBARU GT TURBO ... 250 hp

Le 25 en force!!!!

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Subaru GT Turbo 1999
My Impreza MY 99 217 HP

Mom Drives Brutally Loud Straight Piped STI
**FILMED ON LOCATION IN MEXICO**loll My mom driving my stage 2 straight piped STI down the street. She is fully aware of the title of the video and thinks it's funny, but I decided it to change it anyway because you guys consider it offensive. Wasn't too fond of how this sounded myself, but it was pretty crazy just how loud it was. Don't h8, appreci8, brah brah

Subaru Impreza drifting MyloSTI
Subaru Impreza drifting MyloSTI road close

Subaru 22B.wmv
Drifting Subaru 22B