Kelvin vs Beans

Kelvins 94 GSX takes on Beans 92 Plymouth Laser RS AWD

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92 Laser AWD vs. 95 Talon TSi
Race from a roll, black car is 1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD, turbo 5Spd, Car on right is 1995 Eagle Talon TSi, turbo automatic. Video taken from a 95 Eclipse GS

AWD what?
What happens when OMGLS1 gets traction

1991 gsx at 10psi down the track
Went to mid michigan mototrplex for a little fun Busted out a 14.288 at 92 mph at stock Boost. On a mostly stock car.

My friends DSM 1g on a hightway pull
plymouth laser rs AWD with a garett GT35 on a third gear pull 20psi pump gas. Nice Exhaust sound!!