Unbelievable 200km drifting in Saudi Arabia!!!

best drifting in world and very good quality cam.

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saudi drift inside view 240km/h

Безбашенный арабский дрифт - Saudi drift NO crashes
Что вытворяют арабы на своих авто. Такого обезбашенного дрифта вы еще не видели. Они рулят свой автомобиль прямо на глазах у толпы, проносятся в миллиметре от случайных прохожих и рискуют жизнью не только своей, но и других людей. В общем это арабский дрифт, детка! Это не сопли жевать на обычном овощном авто. ******* РЕКЛАМНЫЕ ПАРТНЕРЫ КАНАЛА ********** НОВЫЙ РАЗБЛОКИРОВАННЫЙ АЙФОН ПО СУПЕРЦЕНЕ! http://ali.pub/18cj6w БРЕНДОВЫЕ АКСЕССУАРЫ ДЛЯ ТЕЛЕФОНА ТУТ! http://ali.pub/18cjwr УМНЫЕ ЧАСЫ ОТ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЕЙ ПО ОПТИМАЛЬНОЙ ЦЕНЕ! http://ali.pub/18ck79 ******* РЕКЛАМНЫЕ ПАРТНЕРЫ КАНАЛА **********

!!!!YOU MUST SEE THIS VIDEO!!!! https://youtu.be/Enir8Eai_DU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPjpis1Wrog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPjpis1Wrog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPjpis1Wrog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPjpis1Wrog

5 Everyday Things Banned in Saudi Arabia | Top 5 Countdown
There are a lot more to know about Saudi Arabia but we've made a short list of everyday things banned in Saudi Arabia. Many of you may have heard a lot of things that are banned and illegal in Saudi Arabia and may violate human rights. We've made a video for you about 5 everyday things banned in Saudi Arabia. We hope you enjoy watching our video, 5 Everyday Things Banned in Saudi Arabia. ★Top 5 Website and Social Media: Top 5 Countdown: http://www.top5countdown.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopFiveCountdown Twitter: https://twitter.com/Top5_Countdown ★Countdown subjects: 5) Gyms and sports for women In girls’ schools and universities, there are no gym classes or sports teams, and therefore there are no professional women’s teams. For a while, private gyms for women were allowed to operate until the Religious Police decided to close them down for good. 4) Other religions It is against the law for non-Muslims to worship in public in Saudi Arabia and there are no houses of worship to cater to non-Muslims. The main reason is because the two holy mosques are located in the country and that would be blasphemous for churches or other places of worship to exist there. Furthermore, if anyone converts from Islam or abandons religion, they face the death penalty. 3) Cinemas Cinemas are prohibited and they are only located within private company compounds, such as theaters at Saudi Aramco residential camps. The usual reason given for banning them is that they allow for men and women to mingle unsupervised, leading to possible immoral actions outside the realm of marriage. 2) Women driving Women have never been allowed to drive unless they drive in the desert or inside private compounds. The main arguments for preventing women from driving are that it may cause women to leave their houses more often than they need to, they may have interactions with unrelated males and the need to uncover their faces. 1) Valentine’s Day Every February 14th entails the same procedure: flower shops and gift shops are prohibited from selling red roses, anything heart-shaped or red. The penalty for violating that rule would lead to the store being shut down. Also on that day, schoolgirls are prohibited from wearing anything red. The usual reasoning for banning anything red on Valentine’s Day is to discourage people from celebrating it (as it is not an Islamic occasion) and to prevent people dating or from having any contact outside marriage. __________________ Intro sound effect provided by Accelerated-Ideas Link: http://adf.ly/19yKGh Intro template provided by Official Designs Link: http://adf.ly/19yLeT Music provided by Incompetech Link: http://adf.ly/18Uj81