Toyota 4Runner Racing

Two guys racing their 4Runners. Here's a funny TV commercial from Mountain States Toyota in Denver, CO.

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Comercial Toyota 4Runner

(HD) Texas_Ace TRD Supercharged 4runner Street Pulls & Burnout
If there is anything you want to know about the 4runner, check out my other vides or post it in the comment below and i will answer them This is a demo of my TRD supercharged 4runner playing around on the street. Pretty self explanatory really. 0-60 in about 7 seconds. Lots of smoke, long black lines and going way too fast for an SUV. If you want more info on 4runners or toyota trucks in general hit up: for your performance needs and for everythign else.

Getting evidence so Glenn can fight his ticket....
Glenn got an "Exhibition of speed" ticket a little ways back...(gee, not Glenn...really? Yeah, Glenn...just click on my other video to see why he gets tickets like that...). He asked me to film the intersection where he got his ensued...

Toyota 4Runner
En mi Toyota 4Runner cruzando un charcho