VW Golf R32 Turbo 570hp 640Nm Snow Fun & Spins

Car description: http://goo.gl/bfPYw Haldex Perfirmance set to "Race" (close to 50:50 torque distro)

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Golf V R32 Having fun in the snow
out playing in the snow, Golf V R32

Golf monsteR32 vs Porsche Turbo S, BMW M6 Performance, Nissan GT-R R35, Corvette Z06, Audi RS6
A sleeper project of VW Golf Mk5 R32 DSG. Please check http://fb.com/GolfR32turbo for more details.

r32 in snow
Getting the R32 out of the snow. This is the stock Exhaust and suspension- what a great, perfect car.

R32, a snow drift compilation! (pure sound!!!)
Turn on your speaker and sit back to enjoy! ~ 2 Minutes of snow drift fun with VW Golf R32´s