Hot Wheels Wall Tracks: Epic Product Review!

Please note that I made a mistake and you do not put a car in the loop to be launched around. Check my other videos for the complete Wall Tracks product line.

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Hot Wheels 3-Lane Super Speedway Product Review
Can this track be expanded? I answer this question in the following video link: 3-Lane Super Speedway Expandability Update Here's a video where I used this for Track Time 2014 P! Check out this brand new track set! It reminds me of this Tomica set:

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Product Review
Under $50 at major US toy stores, requires two D batteries, 48" X 21" 0:16 Box information and introduction 2:29 Safely removing Command Strips 4:02 Box contents 6:08 Attaching brackets/poster 7:05 Power Tower put-together 9:53 Racers and Power Tower action! Models used in this video: CCM Country Club Muscle (Included) What-4-2 Nerve Hammer 40 Somethin El Superfasto Batmobiel (Tumbler) Blvd. Bruiser Mach 5 Speed Racer, Ice Caves version Prototype H-24 Muscle Tone Dodge XP-07 Krazy 8s Suppdog A-Team Van

Power Pulley Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Track Set Addition
Another new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks set for the Fall of 2013! Around $20 USD at many toy stores. It has what I call cool Stop And Go features. Cars will be let into the Power Pulley elevator one at a time. This is a 'to the right' set and can not be flipped around. Some Hot Wheels Wall Tracks sets have the cars continually racing through the set. This track set has a staging area at the beginning and you can have a few cars ready to go. Models with a longer wheel base will get stuck in that area unless they are the first car in the gate. This is another set that I can endorse as worth the money. Cool new elevator action! The Video links shown at the end: Turbine Twister Fig Rig A few of my Playlists that I shared at the end: Wall Tracks Highway 35 AcceleRacers Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

Hot Wheels Auto Motion Speedway Wall Tracks Product Review
Hot Wheels Wall Tracks are enjoying much success in the stores and in homes! I check out the Hot Wheels Auto Motion Speedway track set from Mattel. It does have lanes that can lead in and out of the set so you can connect it with your other Wall Tracks sets. This set can be found for around $25 in the USA.