04 SVT focus Jackson racing supercharged

Stock SVT focus with the only mod being the Jackson racing Supercharger. I'm not sure abou the PSI since it hasn't been re-tuned since the Ford racing re-flash. I made 226 whp on the 3rd run.

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For sale, Focus ZETEC Jackson Racing Eaton M45 blower kit

Jackson Racing Supercharged Svt Focus with Big Boost Kit HD
This is my 2002 Svt Focus with a Jackson Racing Supercharger w/ the big Boost kit. Pushing 10-12Psi. Check out my other videos!!

Owning A 216 BHP Supercharged Ford Focus, Modified Car Review
2003 MK1 Ford Focus Originally A 1.6, Now Has A 2.0 Zetec Engine Fitted With A Powerworks Supercharger 216 BHP 185 Torque Omex ECU Home Made Breather System MK1 Focus RS 324MM Front Discs Lowerd 40MM On Spax Springs MK1 Focus RS Interior Stack Boost Gauge And turbo Gauge Focus SVT Front Bumper US Rear Lights Euro Foglight Conversion Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 Wheels ST170 Exhaust Manifold Decay Magnex Exhaust System

Supercharged SVT focus JRSC dyno
Supercharged 2003 SVT Focus (JRSC+BBK), ported blower and manifold, ported head, 67mm TB, high flow cat, 3" Exhaust. Dyno tuned at McNews Automotive in Dillsburg, PA. 220hp (164kW), 161lb·ft (218N·m) at the wheels. 259bhp (193bkW), 189lb·ft (256N·m) at the flywheel. Boost: 7psi @ 3k rpm ~ 11psi @ 7.3k rpm