Honda 599 2006 stock exhaust

Honda 599 2006 stock Exhaust sound. That's how my beauty growls.

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Upper Mulholland First Ride
Honda 599 and CBR1000RR ride upper Mulholland Highway in August 2011. Music courtesy of the Gipsy Kings. Video shot with GoPro HD.

Cold Start
First start of a 2006 Honda 599 / 600 Hornet in 2012 after sitting since August 2011. This video was made in response to starhobo14's suggestion.

Honda 599 Cold Startup
My first YouTube video: First start after the bike was parked for 5 months. Some idling issues from the cold-blooded monster, and the gas in the tank is old and stale. My idle speed without the choke is about 800 RPM, which is way too low. I have to find the idle adjustment screw and bring that up to around 1300 RPM. First ride was around the block, then to Wawa to adjust my tire pressure to spec and get some fresh gas in the tank.

A Different Point of View
A new camera location yields a visceral ride experience