Honda 599 2006 stock exhaust

Honda 599 2006 stock Exhaust sound. That's how my beauty growls.

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2006 Honda 599 Walk Around
Fudmottin shows what his 2006 Honda 599 looks like in 2010.

2013 CBR250R with M4 Street Slayer Exhaust vs 2004 Honda 599 with Stock Exhaust
A request from the CBR250R forums. The title says it all. It's my 2013 CBR250R with M4 Street Slayer Exhaust and K&N filter versus my 2004 Honda 599 with a stock Exhaust and K&N filter after some warming up. The 599 has 20k miles, but the 250 has 1k. I modified the M4 Street Slayer with the included baffle/DB killer by wrapping half of it with a fine metal screen and some typical fiberglass muffler packing. Wrapping the whole baffle made the bike as quiet as stock. The camera is about 10 feet away from the bikes. I revved the 250 to about 4/5k and 10k. The 599 was revved to 4/5k and 10-13k. Enjoy!

Honda Hornet pe A2 - 20 febr 2010

CB600F Hornet 2003