Honda 599 2006 stock exhaust

Honda 599 2006 stock Exhaust sound. That's how my beauty growls.

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Honda 599 sparkplug change Part 1
Part 1 of how to change the sparkplugs on a Honda 599 motorcycle. Video by Evil Ed

Honda Hornet 600 2006 first run

Honda Hornet 600 Exhaust Comparison
2006 Honda Hornet 600. Comparing Standard Exhaust, No Exhaust and Pipewerx Exhaust. Some Flames At The End.

Honda 599 Rear Baffle removed
What a stock 599 Exhaust sounds like with the rear baffle removed. Apparently there is a front baffle and packing material as well. This was a simple removal of the rear baffle and welding back on the rear cap.