Bicicleta eléctrica plegable Koolgachet

Compralá en Bicicleta eléctrica plegable Koolgachet. Con acelerador, motor totalmente silencioso, muy cómodo y seguro.

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Review: Stealth Bomber electric bike packs a serious punch
Stealth makes the most powerful electric bicycles on the market - some 24 times more punchy than you're legally allowed to ride on the road. But off the road, these 85kmh beasts are a unique and awesome experience. Music: Cory Jach. Test: Noel McKeegan. Cameras: Loz Blain. Edit: Chris Blain

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Guinness World Record Smallest Bicycle (World's smallest BMX ever). I would like to try this one. Not sure you can ride for a long time, but that must be quite fun to do! Music from Youtube Library: Dub Zap by Gunnar Olsen

Stealth Bomber Electric Bicycle Ride 50 MPH
2013 Stealth Bomber electric bicycle. Stealth is a good description for this bike. If you're lucky enough to see one, you'll notice there's little to hear, and it happens quickly. The best word to describe it is, Stunning. I named mine Electronaut. 72V, 18Ah LiFePO4 battery, Special Crystalyte 5403 750w/4500w rear hub motor, Crystalyte 65A controller, V Boxx 9 speed pedal gearbox at the bottom bracket, Magura 203mm MT2 hydraulic disk brakes, Cycle Analyst CAV3, RST R1 forks adjustable for compression, and rebound, DNM shock w / remote, adjustable for pre load, compression, and rebound, , A full 18ah charge takes 3 hours, but a more typical 12ah charge takes about 2 hours. In other words one hour per 6 ah charge. The manufacturer claims a battery life of 800 cycles.. Silent running, vibration free, and trouble free.. Range depends on the speed you're riding. Riding faster than 99% of the fastest production eBikes on the planet, you'll easily get 30 miles range. Riding the same top speed as 99% of all ebikes on the planet, which is 20 mph, you'll get about 50 miles range. Riding at bicycle speeds of 12 to 15 mph you can expect about 75 miles. My all time record was many times higher than that.