Drag Racing the Allroad

My first and only pass of the night. Broke an axle on lanuch on the 2nd pass

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Audi Allroad stunts
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Black Forest Motorsport 2002 Allroad Dyno run
Our stage III- Allroad. Modified original downpipes, into Magnaflow 2.5" Exhaust with rear mufflers eliminated. GIAC software, open element intake.

2003 allroad DYNO
Mustang Dyno Stage 1 allroad w/ APR 93 octane program running 94 Octane Fuel

Frankenturbo allroad Dyno
385awhp@5050rpm, 406awtq@4900rpm. SAE Corrected. Frankenturbo F21's, JFonz 3F Base File, 550cc Injectors, Water/Meth Injection, Piggy Pipes, Stock Intercoolers(epic heatsoak resulted in much lower power for the next couple pulls)