S2000 vs Gti

40 roll Gti has intake/Exhaust/reflash

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Golf R vs Honda S2000
my Honda badge hanging off my mirror might have enticed him, he braked hard after going by me, and asked if id like to race. since you said so... 2012 VW Golf R two passengers and a cooler full of drinks vs gutted Honda s2000.

S2000 vs VW GTI 1.8T

Honda S2000 vs BMW M4 Nurburgring Nordschleife 24.05.2015 BTG 8min30
My S2000 setup: - Mugen parts: Carbon Intake box, manifold, catback, Carbon front bumper, flat bottom, Carbon hood. - ECU TracySport Vtec at 5400rpm - Chassis: Coilovers Tein MonoFlex, Front Break kit AP Racing, Front bar Spoon - Wheels: 17" PRODRIVE OEM size with Yokohama Néova AD08R (215/45/17 & 245/40/17) - Geometry adjustment: Camber Front -1° / Camber Rear -2° / Caster 6°45" / Toe Front 0° / Toe Rear 0°20 - Power : 250hp - Weight : 1210kg

GTI APR Stage 2+ vs S2000
my friend in his stage 2+ gti racing a honda s2000 RACE 1- I think 30 roll Race 2- Mazda Speed 3 and S2000 race but gti waits for them to start the race and make it evenish before he took off and before the last race if you look in the parking lots on the Right you see 2 cops chillin and 1 of them came after us as you can see in the end Camera Car- my gti stage 2+