world biggest bike in pakistan

this eight seats bike is in gujranwala,pak.that bike is in genies world record

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World's Longest Scooter / Motorbike - Direct Bikes - Colin Furze
Colin Furze & Direct Bikes build the world's longest scooter - an amazing 72 foot.

very funny clip pakistani hahahaha

Biggest Motorcycle
11 feet high. 20 feet long. And, a $300,000 pricetag. No one believed he could pull it off, but he built it anyway. Alone in his workshop at home, Greg Dunham crafted the world's largest motorcycle. Not only does the giant machine look amazing, it actually drives!

unbelievable Pathan (World record)
This is a real video.. This man has challenged every one.. "if any one have the guts to do the same thing come and challenge me"..